Engineering Design Software Tools

 The Facility Engineering Suite is a group of integrated programs that allow rapid and accurate design of oil and gas processing facilities. Applications are totally integrated such that the sizing output results in immediate selection of mechanical components that meet applicable fabrication codes.

 Easy To Use

The Facility Engineering Suite runs in a Windows graphical environment, which allows users to click their way through the program. The project window shows a tree layout allowing easy navigation through the components of the project.


         Application integration for rapid end-to-end design changes.

         Application validation for quality assurance

         Graphical presentation of plotted curves and equipment.

         Dimensional reports of some components.

         Immediate results presented in any set of units.

         Ability to customize standard and default settings.

         Results stored for future retrieval.

 Stream & Sizing Components

Stream data captures the basic design criteria and physical properties of the fluids. The stream data can be transferred into any component being sized in the project. This automatic transfer of data reduces user data input to only sizing information unique to that component. 

The component sizing programs of the suite can also allow direct input of data by the user. Each sizing component divides the information into Selection, Input, Report, and Graphs. Selection contains all the input pick options; Input contains data entry; Report displays all input information with output results in a very organized format, and Graphs allow the information to be displayed in a number of graph types.

Tools & Other Reference Information

The base of the Facility Engineering Suite has tools containing tables of design properties for several mechanical components, calculation routines for fluid and steam properties, graphs of steam properties, and unit conversion calculation routines, just to name a few.



Conversion Engine

A conversion engine is included in the program that allows the user to work in the units, which are comfortable and then convert the data into another set of units for a client.


Graphical Results

Having a set of results presented in a graphical format allows the user to make better decisions or validate existing decisions. A graph is worth a thousand words!!!! Some of the Facility Engineering Suite component programs also have a dimensional picture of the component, listing the pertinent data. This can be exported into a freestanding report in Microsoft Excel, for example.