CAD Library

PetroDesigns is working on a library of CAD drawings intended to meet 95% of the needs for most installations. These “standard” component drawings will be available for downloading for a service fee depending upon the component. These drawings can be built as drawn or used as a basis for minor changes. We are working with selected fabricators to partially build components for inventory. This will greatly compress the time between the well assessment and installation stages.

Below is an example of how components in the Gulf of Mexico will be “standardized” and made available in drawings and components.


PetroDesigns Standard Facility

Components For GOM Shelf Projects


Standard Components





Manifolds (4)

50 MM/100 MM

Four (4)-3” slots with 10” Production Log and 6” Test Log. – 5,000 psi

Number of slots equals number of wells. Size (diameter) of slots depends on well capacity.  Manifolds easily expandable by adding more slots

Ditto – 10,000 psi

Four (4)-4” slots with 12” Production Log and 6” Test Log. – 5,000 psi

Ditto – 10,000 psi

Separators (3)

50 MM/100 MM

36”OD x 10’ S/S x 1440 psi 3-phase with meters


50 MM Production

48” OD x 10’ S/S x 1440 psi 3-phase


100 MM Production

60” OD x 10’ S/S x 1440 psi 3-phase


Glycol Dehydrators (2)

50 MM

36” OD x 27’6” S/S x 1440 psi Contactor with 210 GPH Reconcentrator

Each contactor to have integral scrubber and 15’ of structured packing while each reconcentrator will have a direct-fired reboiler, flash separator, and filters. Emission control system optional.

100 MM

48” ID x 27’6” S/S x 1440 psi Contactor with 450 GPH Reconcentrator

Vent Scrubber (1)

50 MM/100 MM

54” OD x 10’0” S/S x 125 psi

With or without mist eliminator

Water Skimmers (2)

50 MM/100 MM

48” OD x 15’0” S/S x 125 psi

With liquid coalescing packs

48” capacity  - 3500 BWPD

60” capacity  - 7500 BWPD

60” OD x 20’0” S/S x 125 psi

Sump Tank (1)

50 MM/100 MM

48” W x 36” H x 10’ L x Atmospheric Pressure


Fuel Gas Skid (1)

50 MM/100 MM

PECO Filter with two parallel controllers, catalytic converter and meter


Sales Gas Skids (2)

50 MM Production

Two 8” tubes with meter shed and condensate metering


100 MM Production

Two 12” tubes ditto


Deck (1)

4- pile, 40’ x 40’ between legs, Top deck __’ x __’ and bottom deck __’ x __’ with 25’ x 25’ heliport . 20 ton diesel crane with 40’ boom and diesel storage in pedestal, boat landing

Flare Boom (2)

50 MM Production

 8” HP and 6” LP x 60’ boom

CO2 snuffer to be supplied

100 MM Production

12” HP and 6” LP x 100’ boom


Well panel and master panel, local pneumatic controls, fusible plug loop

PetroDesigns Standard Facility

Components For Shelf Projects



Unique Design/Build  – Each Project


Jacket & Piling

Jacket and piling to be designed specifically for each water depth and soil condition. Program to be set up to immediately model deck with options or just “worst case” (most weight) since weight is not significantly different for either 50 MM or 100 MM case.

All Drawings to include process and mechanical flow sheets, piping and structural, safety system, MMS permit package including request to install dry chemical units in lieu of firewater, station bill, pipeline permit package

Design book to include design basis document, instrument spec sheets, sizing for all instruments, lines, vessels, flare system, safety analysis/hazop.


Compressors - Rental – Space to be left on top deck for 1000 BHP three-stage

IP System – IP Separator (See Production Separator) & Blowcase (36” x 5’ x 1440)





Multipoint SCADA system to send data via telephone to central facility.

PLC system in lieu of pneumatic panel

Manned Platform

Quarters – 15’ x 35’ modular building with 4 beds & galley

Generators - Two 75 KW generators, one gas fired and one diesel with MCC and lighting


Corrosion Inhibitor System

Pipeline Pig Launcher Skid