Engineering Services

PetroDesigns provides process engineering services to the oil and gas industry. Current projects range from design and construction management of facilities to debottlenecking and troubleshooting of existing facilities.

Expertise in process facilities design, coupled with fabrication and operating experience, gives PetroDesigns a reputation for unsurpassed efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Additionally, PetroDesigns has been a source of new innovative technology in the areas of glycol emission control and oil/water treating processes.

The PetroDesings mission is to continuously strive for improvements in engineering and project management proficiency while providing quality customer service. This mission is manifested through technological innovations within a project framework, which minimizes cost while allowing execution of projects in an expedient and accurate manner.

PetroDesigns has developed unique tools to assist our engineers and drafters, such as programs for piping and vessels that include interaction between sizing, code requirements and estimated cost.

Engineering Projects

PetroDesigns provides engineering services for all phases of onshore and offshore production facilities, both domestic and international. Typical units have included 50,000 BPD oil facilities for offshore Nigeria to 300 MMSCFD gas packages for the Gulf of Mexico.

To allow for speed and accuracy required on these type projects, PetroDesigns has automated many design and documentation requirements. This enables our engineers and managers to focus on the more important aspects of the projects, such as delivery and cost control.

An example of PetroDesigns' automated design is in glycol dehydration. PC GLYCOL has been in use for over ten years, enabling engineers to design and optimize glycol systems very rapidly. Since 1990, PetroDesigns' principals have provided design services for over 100 glycol units, both new and upgrades.

Joint Ventures

PetroDesigns will joint venture on projects for designing and building facilities enabling your staff to guide the fabricator in building competitively priced and well designed process units. This constant feedback between engineering, drafting and fabricators provides our personnel with practical experience second to none.

Fabrication Yard Support

Consultants prefer to work projects on a T & M basis, while fabricators are usually tied to lump sum contracts. PetroDesigns prefers to work on a fixed price basis and share in the total project profits. With this incentive for minimizing both engineering and fabrication cost, our team is extremely competitive.

PetroDesigns performs quality assurance in accordance with ISO 9000. This ability enables PetroDesigns to provide the same high quality work for ISO 9000 fabricators as well as non-ISO 9000 fabricators. PetroDesigns provides assistance in establishing ISO 9000 procedures for non-ISO 9000 fabricators.

Because of the desire to work on a fixed price basis, PetroDesigns is a favorite of fabricators. PetroDesigns assists in project bidding and understands the effects of design decisions on profits and schedule of the project. Project involvement of this type benefits all from the client to the fabricator.

Drafting Services

PetroDesigns has a highly experienced group of designers that compliments our engineering staff, providing quality and promptness to projects. Our designers work well with our drafting personnel to insure that the technical data is correctly represented on the drawings. The PetroDesigns' drafting department is the best in the industry when it comes to rising to the occasion and meeting tight deadlines and schedules. Utilizing the latest drafting tools our designers and drafters eagerly await an opportunity to serve you and your company needs.