Fabrication Estimating Guide

Fabrication Estimating Guide (FEG) is a suite of fabrication estimating programs created by PetroDesigns to aid the fabricator and related companies for their detailed estimating needs.

FEG-Piping and FEG-Structures are a flexible, easy to use and powerful tools. FEG is used to create detailed and concise estimates of bids and proposals or to calculate up-to-date expenditures of materials and labor on a project.

FEG-Piping and FEG-Structures are estimating systems providing valuable information quickly. Components are added by picking icons from the screen as each component is picked, the estimator see the cost, material, man-hours, weight and surface area.


·        Reduces time for detail estimating from man days to minutes.

·        Calculates man-hours, weight, paint area, insulation, and cost.

·        Generates Bill of Materials and other detailed reports.

·        Provides standardization of estimates so that similar estimates can be compared.

Industry Standard Information Used

The database provided contains standard sizes, schedules/ classes, materials, end connections, weight, surface area, and prices for each component.

Custom Information Used

Adding custom information tailors the program to meet the user's unique needs. FEG allows the user to add and customize components into the database. The material list can be expanded to meet the users needs. PetroDesigns offers this service through its database management services.

Labor rates, coating systems, task man-hours, and material cost can be set by the user. This is the framework for the estimate.

Project Management

This solution is used to monitor expenditures on a project and provide a detail estimate for the bid. When the bid is awarded, the estimate is used as a baseline for managing the project.

Automatic BOM's and other Reports

FEG automatically generates a Bill of Materials report for a project or a bid. Reports by component, piping name, component entry order and project summary are available. The reports contain any or all of the following information: man-hours, weight, paint area, insulation, welding, material cost and miscellaneous items.