PetroDesigns' software products address three main areas:

These tools are then integrated with various third party products and databases to provide solutions involving Project management, Lifecycle management, Project Collaboration, CAD library for standard or “base” component designs and vendor supplied specifications library to maintain  an accurate database. This provides an end-to-end solution for managing your assets.

Cost Estimating Tools

Level 1 or Prospecting Estimating Guide (PEG) is intended for fast and quick scenario planning by the oil company asset team to evaluate prospective lease sales or while prospecting for regional studies.

Level 2 or Modular Estimating Guide (MEG) is intended for the project engineer to develop AFE level budgeting proposals and for first pass into financial models by the asset economic advisor.

Level 3 or Fabrication Estimating Guide (FEG) is intended for the fabricator, turnkey project manager  or anyone needing detailed bidding level support.

Facility Engineer Design Tools

The Facility Engineering Suite is a group of integrated programs that allow rapid and accurate design of oil and gas processing facilities. Applications are integrated such that the sizing output results in immediate selection of mechanical components that meet applicable fabrication codes. Unlike “home grown” spreadsheets or stand alone applications this provides a “validation” system to ensure the integrity of you engineering calculations.